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  • Despite posts on Facebook, on this site, an ad in the newspaper, and thousands of feet of ribbon, apparently not everyone got the message to STAY ON THE TRAIL, so someone cut across the field behind the Cheese Factory upsetting the landowner once again.

    This has got to stop or we will loose the trail!

    While we await more snow, the landowner has asked that we temporarily close the trails between Rt. 39 and Clark Dr. If everyone behaves, the trail will reopen once it has sufficient snow cover again.

    In the meantime, if you are using the road shoulders to access the Hayloft and Cheese Factory, stay out of the landowner's front yard!


  • Conditions vary from thin to fair with lots of ice everywhere. We need more snow to cover the ice and finish filling the cuts left from last week's melt down. Use Caution! More snow on the way. Grooming will resume when conditions allow.

    It is imperative that EVERYONE stays on the marked trails or we will loose them!

    If conditions are such that you are tempted to go off the trail to avoid water, mud, etc. DON'T DO IT!

    Your choice to ride in marginal conditions DOES NOT make it ok to go off the trail to avoid the bad spots!


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